Fruit & Nut Yogurt Shards

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1 cup of your full fat Greek yogurt

1 tbsp of maple syrup or honey

1/2 scoop of vanilla complete

1 tsp of vanilla extract

handful of crushed almonds

2 handfuls of freeze-dried strawberries, raspberries and blueberries

handful of dark Choco chips

handful of desiccated coconut


1. Mix the yogurt, protein powder, rice syrup, vanilla extract and crushed almonds together.

2. Line a small freezer safe dish with aluminum foil and pour the mixture in.

3. Top with strawberries, dark Choco chips and the desiccated coconut. Freeze for 3 hours or until the mixture is solid. Remove from the freezer and let sit for 5 minutes. Cut into slices and enjoy! Store in the freezer for about one month.

Bon Appetit!

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