Hertzoggie Pie Squares

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2 cups of flour

1 cup sugar

125 ml butter

1 egg

100 ml milk

pinch of salt

1/3 cup apricot jam

2 eggs (topping)

1/2 cup sugar (topping)

1 cup shredded coconut (topping)

1/2 tsp vanilla essence (topping)


1. Mix together the dry ingredients, melt the butter ever so slightly and rub in to the dry mixture, ultil it becomes crumblike.

2. Whisk the egg and the milk and mix in to the bread crumb mixture with your fingers or wooden spoon.

3. Half the dough and press flat on to a parchment paper lined baking tray, 1 cm in diameter.

4. Smear on the apricot jam and grate the rest of the dough on to the apricot layer. Bake for 20 minutes at 180°C.

5. For the meringue topping: start by whisking the egg whites with an electric mixer (handmixer) and gradually add the sugar until smooth and glossy.

6. Fold in the shredded coconut and the vanilla essence. When the dough has cooled down after baking, smear on the Hertzoggie layer and bake for another 10-15 minutes till brown.

Bon Appetit!

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