Mince Pie

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3 cups all-purpose flour (cold)

150 grams frozen butter (diced)

1 tablespoon cheese powder (optional)

2 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

2 cups ice cold water

250 grams mince

1 carrot (chopped)

½ cup peas

½ cup grated cheese

½ cup mixed chives, green chilies n cilantro (chopped)

2 boiled eggs (peeled n sliced)

1 tbsp. pepper powder

1 tbsp. ginger / garlic (finely cut)


olive oil


1. Take a large mixing bowl combine all the ingredients of the pastry sheet except water.

2. Mix the dry mixture with your fingers until the texture turns into crumbs.

3. Little by little pour in the ice cold water with a serving spoon and knead it into dough, you may need less than 2 cups of water.

4. Knead the dough for 5 minutes until its smooth and firm. Cling film the dough and refrigerate it for 20 minutes.

5. Divide the dough into two balls and roll one ball on to a lightly floured surface into a circle, two sizes broader then you pie tray.

6. Gently roll the sheet loosely around the pin and unroll over the greased tray fitting the sheet into the tray. Cut off the extra sides of the sheet. Roll out the remaining dough to form the upper crust. Set both the sheets in to the freezer to chill thoroughly.

7. Heat 2 / 3 tbsp. oil in a pan toss in the cut, ginger garlic, sauté until garlic turns pink in color. Now add in the chopped carrots, peas, green chilies, chives n cilantro. Sauté for 2 minutes and toss in the mince, salt and pepper. Dry out all the water on high flame. Cool keep aside.

8. Method to assemble the pie. Shape the pastry sheet into a fish. Shape out 2 fish shapes (one for the bottom and one for the top).

9. Place one sheet on a greased baking tray. Layer the sheet with the filling, top it with sliced boiled eggs and cheese. Brush the sides of the pastry with egg white. Place the second sheet on top. Seal the edges by pressing with your fingertips. Brush the top of the pastry with the egg yolk. Using the tip of a knife carve out scales, stick a pepper corn for the eye give it a good shape to resemble a fish. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 c until the pie is golden brown.

Bon Appetit!

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