Milk and Chocolate Pudding

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1 cup of cold milk (milk pudding)

1tsp of starch (corn flour powder) (milk pudding)

1tsp of sugar (milk pudding)

plan biscuits (any square, or rectangle shape) (milk pudding)

1 cup cold milk (chocolate pudding)

1tsp of starch (corn flour) (chocolate pudding)

1tsp sugar (chocolate pudding)

2tsp cocoa powder (chocolate pudding)

20 g butter (chocolate pudding)


1. Milk pudding. Mix milk, starch, sugar at low heat, to have a thick consistency.

2. Chocolate pudding. Mix all at low heat to have the chocolate consistency.

3. In small tray add one layer of biscuit, milk pudding another biscuit layer again milk pudding finally layers of biscuit and chocolate pudding, keep in fridge for a whole day and serve.

Bon Appetit!

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