Penguin Cupcakes

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6 prepared cupcakes

6 Oreo cookies

1 can white frosting

orange candy melts

1 cup shredded coconut

edible candy eyes


1. First, frost cupcakes with the white frosting. Then, take the cupcake, turn it upside down and dip it into the coconut.

2. Next, set it back on the pan and pat the coconut down gently.

3. After, grab some of the Oreo cookies and gently twist apart. Take the halve without the frosting and cut in half.

4. Then, use the Oreo with the frosting and scrape out a small V-shape. This will make your penguin cupcakes head. Then, cut one of the candy melts into fourths. You’ll need 3 pieces per cupcake.

5. To make the face, add 2 eyes under the “V” shape on the frosted Oreo. Next, use one piece of the orange candy melt and place under the eyes to represent the beak. After you have made the penguin face, you will want to place a whole candy melt behind the head as this will allow the face to stay up and not fall down.

6. Put the Penguin face in front of the candy melt and push down into the cupcake. Then, you will take the Oreo halves and place one on each side of the cupcake to represent the wings/feathers.

7. Then stick 2 pieces of the candy melts on the bottom of the cupcake to represent the feet.

Bon Appetit!

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