Bananas Foster Fried

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2 bananas peeled and cut into 4 pieces each

3 tbs. of unsalted butter

3 tbs. of packed brown sugar

3 oz. of spiced Caribbean rum

2 pinches of cinnamon

2 cups of pancake batter

2 Frozen Smuckers uncrushable P & J

vanilla ice cream (for topping)


1. Dip both uncrushable in pancake batter. Heat cooking oil to 375 degrees in a large cooking pot. Then add battered sandwiches with cooking tongs to boil gently so the oil wants splatter.

2. Cook both until golden brown & they float to the top. Remove when done and place on paper towel. In sauté pan on medium heat, add brown sugar and butter.

3. Once the sugar and butter starts to blend together add bananas and cook for 30 seconds on each side. Turn heat off and add rum. Place back on heat than light your pan with a flame starter or tilt your pan if you have a gas stove to light your foster.

4. Throw in pinches of cinnamon. Cook until the flame cooks out and then your flambé is completed. Remove and start plating. In a bowl add your fried uncrushable, flambé and finish off by topping with vanilla ice cream. Serve & enjoy!

Bon Appetit!

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