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Why do we love cooking

Our company close friends has a good tradition: every week we get together at a party to prepare a new dish. In the end we all try a new dish and evaluate it. We believe that this is a very rewarding experience as well as in the development of culinary horizons and to strengthen friendly relations. We always prepare in advance for such evenings - we're choosing tasty recipes, planning a shopping list and thinking about different variants of cooking meals. Bright and lively discussion to add a new to an existing recipe or make changes to the overall flavor. The result of these evenings are amazing and delicious food, and a lot of positive emotions.

We suggest you also make an interesting culinary tradition with your family or friends. We are creating our applications to give everyone opportunity to cook delicious meals, share recipes and experiences with each other, and leave own comments and feedback.

What do you like to cook? What is your favourite dish? Do you like to cook quick, tasty and healthy? Just take a look at our recipe collections and we are sure that you will find a lot of new, interesting and delicious!

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App of Baking Recipes

App of cake recipes, muffin recipes, pie recipes, sweet roll recipes, cheesecake recipes, cookie recipes, cupcake recipes and other tasty baking. Cook with pleasure!


App of Breakfast Recipes

App of yummy Great recipes that can be modified easily for lower calories. Main dishes for breakfast, casserole, muffins and oatmeal with fruit and cream and much more!


App of Rice Recipes

App of starters recipes with rice, main dishes recipes with rice, meat and fish rice recipes, vegetable rice recipes, fruit rice recipes, sweets recipes with rice and other rice recipes. Cook with pleasure!


App of Oven Recipes

App of main dishes oven recipes, meat in the oven recipes, snacks in the oven recipes, savory baking in the oven recipes, sweet baking in the oven recipes and other recipes!


App of Crock-Pot Recipes

App of main dishes recipes in the CrockPot and oven, soup recipes in CrockPot and oven, meat dishes recipes, poultry dishes recipes, vegetable and fruit recipes in CrockPot. Cook with pleasure!


App of Cookie Recipes

App of chocolate cookie recipes, fruit cookie recipes, sweet milk cookie recipes, simple cookie recipes, cookie recipes with cream and other delicious cookie recipes!


App of Chicken Recipes

App of baked chicken, chicken soups, grill chicken, chicken with vegetables and fruits, chicken in Crock pot and other yummy chicken!Cook with pleasure!


App of Soup Recipes

App of soup recipes: hot soups, cold soups, meat soups, vegetable soup, cream soups recipes, soups in Crock pot and other yummy soups!


App of Pancake Recipes

App of basic pancake recipes, chocolate pancake recipes, sweet pancake recipes with fruits and other pancake recipes. Cook with pleasure!


App of Cake Recipes

App of chocolate cake recipes, fruit cake recipes, sweet milk cake recipes, simple cake recipes, cake recipes with cream and other delicious cake recipes


App of Healthy Recipes

App of main dishes healthy recipes, baking healthy recipes, snacks healthy recipes and other healthy recipes. Cook with pleasure!


App of Cottage-cheese Recipes

App of recipes of main dishes with cottage cheese, recipes of casseroles with cottage cheese, sweet recipes of deserts with cottage cheese, cottage cheese with fruits recipes and other recipes.


App of Sauce Recipes

App of sauce recipes, sweet sauce recipes, spreads recipes, marinades and salad dressing recipes and other tasty sauce recipes. Cook with pleasure!


App of Salad Recipes

App of pasta salad recipes, meat and fish salad recipes, vegetable salad recipes, fruit salad recipes and other salad recipes.


App of Casserole Recipes

App of casserole recipes with fruits and berries, casserole recipes with meat and fish, cheesy casserole recipes and other tasty casserole recipes. Cook with pleasure!


App of Meat Recipes

App of delicious recipes of baking meat dishes: grilled meat recipes, recipes of stuffed cabbage, meat casseroles recipes, chop recipes, meatball meat recipes, recipes of meat pilaf, stew recipes


App of Fish Recipes

App of pasta recipes with fish and seafood, a variety of recipes of fish steaks and grilled fish, fish recipes in the oven with various sauces, fish recipes in wine, fish recipes with herbs, fish recipes in sleeve cookie, recipe of fish with various garnishes!


App of Weight Loss Recipes

App of main dishes weight loss recipes, snack weight loss recipes, salad weight lossrecipes, soup weight loss recipes, sweet weight loss recipes, juice and freches weight loss recipes and other weight loss recipes.


App of Pie Recipes

App of pie recipes with fruits and berries, sweet pie recipes with chocolate, pie recipes with meat and fish, traditional apple pie recipes and other tasty pie recipes.


App of smoothie Recipes

App of smoothie recipes based on the milk, sweet smoothie recipes, smoothie recipes based on the juices, smoothie recipes with water and other tasty smoothie recipes.


App of snack Recipes

App of baked snack recipes, snack recipes with meat, snack recipes with fish, sweet snack recipes and other snack recipes.


App of Potato Recipes

App of a lot of potato recipes: baked potato recipes, main dishes potato recipes, soups and puree potato recipes, snacks potato recipes and other recipes with potato.


App of Thai Recipes

App of a lot of Thai recipes: main dishes Thai recipes, soup Thai recipes, snack Thai recipes, salad and sauce Thai recipes and other recipes Thai recipes.


App of Cake and Baking Recipes

App of a lot of cake and baking recipes: cake recipes, pie recipes, cookie recipes, cupcake and muffin recipes, sweet roll recipes, cheesecake recipes and a lot of other baking recipes.


App of Microwave Recipes

App of a lot of microwave recipes: baked recipes in the microwave, main dishes recipes in the microwave, sweet dishes recipes in the microwave, snacks recipes and other recipes in the microwave.


App of Chinese Recipes

App of a lot of Chinese recipes: main dishes Chinese recipes, meat dishes Chinese recipes, dumpling Chinese recipes, soup Chinese recipes, snack Chinese recipes and other Chinese recipes.


App of Slow Cooker Recipes

App of a lot of Slow Cooker recipes: main dishes recipes in the slow cooker, meat dishes recipes in the slow cooker, chicken recipes in the slow cooker, soup recipes, sweet dishes recipes in the slow cooker and other slow cooker recipes.


App of Shrimp Recipes

App of a lot of shrimp recipes: recipes of main dishes with shrimp, shrimp with sausage recipes, salad shrimp recipes, shrimp roll recipes, soup shrimp recipes, snacks shrimp recipes and other tasty shrimp.