Cool Low-carb Sandwich or Snack

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1 cucumber, regular length but not too fat

3/4 ounce Laughing Cow cheese, 1 wedge any flavor you like

6 slices turkey meat, thin sliced you can also use ham, beef whatever you would like

fresh dill (optional)


1. Scrub cucumber well and dry. Cut on half horizontally and then cut each half vertically in half, you should now have 4 pieces that you can scrape the seeds and pulp out of to make what looks somewhat like 4 little canoes.

2. Use a paper towel to just kind of pick up the excess moisture and spread half the cheese into two of the cucumber halfes, add a little fresh dill if you like, roll three slice of meat and place on one of the cheesy cucumbers and repeat with the rest of the meat and other cheesy cucumber half.

3. Place the two plain cucumber pieces onto of the filled bottoms so that you have what looks somewhat like a little like a sub sandwich.

Bon Appetit!

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