Syn Free 'smash' Pizza

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1 x smartprice mash (20 p) (base)

250 ml water (base)

tsp salt (base)

few tbsp pasatta (sauce)

garlic (sauce)

mixed herbs (sauce)

ham/chicken/beef (toppings)

veggies (toppings)

42 g lf cheddar (toppings)


1. Mix the mash powder with the salt and water and mould to a dough. Flatten out into circles about 3/4cm-1cm thick. Lline a baking try with greaseproof and spray with frylite and put the mash circles on.

2. Cook for 15 mins each side at about 190 degrees. Then add sauce, toppings and cheese and cook until they look done.

3. Leave over mash mix, make these 6 pizza using a mug as a cutter.

Bon Appetit!

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