Keto Cheeseburger Omelette

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100 grams of ground beef (for the beef)

2 cloves garlic chopped (for the beef)

1 medium onion chopped (for the beef)

2 tbs olive oil (for the beef)

pinch of salt, pepper, paprika and dried oregano to taste (for the beef)

4 whole large eggs

50- 75 grams of grated cheddar cheese

3 tbsp heavy whipping cream

3 tbsp butter

1 whole tomato small cubes

1 picked jalapeño cubes

1/2 avocado small cubes

salt and pepper to taste

spring onion for garnish

sugar free ketchup


1. In a hot nonstick pan put the olive oil and start sautéing the onion and garlic until translucent, add the ground beef, add the spices, salt and pepper to taste, continue stirring until the meat is just cooked. Set aside.

2. In a bowl crack the eggs beat with a fork or a whisk, just until the egg whites and yolks are blended. Add the 3 tbsp cream, pinch of salt and pepper and beat again.

3. In the same pan low to medium heat just add the butter, let it melt but not so brown, put the eggs mixture, let it sit and cook for 3 to 5 minutes add the 3/4 of ground beef, half of tomato, half of cheese and half of jalapeño. Cover for 1 minute then test the egg if it cooked enough to fold.

Bon Appetit!

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