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250 grams sooji (suji or semolina)

400 grams white flour (maida)

200 grams sugar

300 grams kheer (khowa)

3 tablespoon cooking oil

1 liter milk


1. Condense the milk by constantly boiling and stirring. Add Khowa along with 50 grams of sugar to make it easier to turn the same into semi liquid state. Note - If khowa is not available then add more milk. It will take a lot of time to change to a semi-liquid state.

2. Add water( about 2 -2½ cups) gradually in maida and suji to make a thick mix. Add 200 grams of sugar.

3. Heat the frying pan and coat the surface of the pan with little oil. Apply oil with a piece of eggplant or bottle gourd or a piece of cotton.

4. Pour the suji-maida mix about (about 5 table spoon) on the hot pan and spread the mix on the pan till it takes a circular shape.

5. Put about 1 tablespoon of the semi liquid kheer on the over the spread.

6. Roll the spread like bread roll after 15-20 sec. Keep the roll on the pan and flip sides every 5-10 secs till it turns brownish.

Bon Appetit!

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