Tasty Oat

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5-6 spoons of oat flakes

100 ml. of fresh apple juice

2 spoons of raisins

200 ml. warm water

half chopped banana

raspberries, strawberry, blackberry (or other fruits of your choice)



1. In a pot add the oat flakes and the fresh apple juice .As we are a great protagonist for fresh food, we highly recommend to try to make your own apple juice in your home. Therefore, take 1-2 apples and mix it in your fruit juices. Then add the apple juice in the pot together with the oat flakes.

2. In order to spice up and give a soul to this breakfast, add the raisins, and pour with the warm water. In this mixture, try to use cinnamon powder and make the mixture have a unique flavor.

3. Cinnamon has always been a wonderful spice which improves the immune system and its even well-known aphrodisiac.

4. As a third and final step, add the mashed banana in the pot. Banana is always welcomed in every breakfast solution due to the high amount of proteins and energetic value.

5. As we mentioned before that in this breakfast we will include all different sorts of berries, now is the time to add the fresh strawberries, robberies and blueberries in the oath mixture.

6. Now we must confirm that you have made your perfect fresh breakfast.

Bon Appetit!

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