Jai Mata Di

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buckwheat flour (kuttu ka aatta ) 250 g.

ghia grated 250 g.

curd. 100 ml.


red chili powder


potatoes boiled 500 g.

tomatoes 3 medium sized

turmeric optional

dhania patta

ghia for raita 250 g.

cranberries handful for garnishing


1. Pour buckwheat flour in a vessel and add curd n spices and mix it thoroughly and keep it.

2. Also add few drops for enhancing fermentation. Keep it for one hour. Add grated gheeya in it. Stir it. You can also add boiled potatoes.

3. Pour it in the microwave containers small round and bake it for 4 minutes under ordinary microwave mode. High power 1000 watts.

4. After 4 minutes take out all and check it in the center. Demold them and lightly fry on the no sticking pan. And then garnish with little tomato puree. Sesame seeds and cranberries.

5. Method for potato baaji. Boil the required quantity of potatoes. Peel off .Mash them. Take a cooker. Add refined oil. Add jeera. Add chopped tomatoes. Let them become tender. Add turmeric spices Add mashed potatoes and add little water ans give two whistles. It would be ready. Garnish with coriander leaves.

6. Boil little grated gheeya. Add this in the required amount of beaten curd. Add salt. Add rock salt red chili powder, pepper. Add roasted jeera. Garnish with coriander leaves and cranberries. Divine platter is ready.

Bon Appetit!

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