Friends Dal Rice Khichadi

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rice 2 cups

onion chopped 2 t spoons

garlic paste 1 t spoon

tomato chopped 1 med

green chilies 2/3 long slatted

red chili powder half t spoon

coriander powder 1 t spoon

turmeric powder little

green coriander chopped

oil 2 t spoons

salt as per taste

desi ghee 2 t spoons and green coriander for garnishing


cumin seeds 1 t spoon

curry leaves few

red dry chilies 2

garlic flakes crushed 3/4 but optional


1. Rice 2 cups wash and soak for half an hour then drained. In a thick bottom pot add oil and heat it. Add tadaka items and fry a little. Add onion chopped and salute a minute.

2. Add Garlic paste and salute a minute Add tomato chopped and salute a minute. Add salt masala powders and salute a minute. Now add dal rice and salute for 2/3 minutes.

3. Add hot water double of dal rice and green coriander little.

4. Mix well and let it be cooked on high flame. Let it reaches to boil. Put gas on sim now.

5. Cover and let it be cooked for 2 / 3 minutes more. Now pour desi ghee allover on it. Again cover and cook for 2 / 3 minutes. When done put off the gas. Rest it for 5 minutes.

6. Now transfer to a serving bowl. Garnish with fresh grated coconut and green coriander.

7. Your Dal Rice Khichadi is ready to serve.

Bon Appetit!

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