Milk Kheer

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full fat milk 3 liter

sugar 400 gm.

ghee 1 tbs.

cardamom powder 2 tsp.

nutmeg powder 2 tsp.

basmati rice 2 tbs. ( washed and soaked )

pistachio 25/30

almond 25/30 ( soaked into warm water)

chironge 2 tsp.

saffron strand 8/10


1. Remove the skin of almond and chop almond and pistachio. Take 2 tbs. lukewarm milk add saffron strand and leave aside.

2. Wash and soak the rice into water and keep aside.

3. Take a heavy bottom deep vessel and apply ghee to the vessel. It prevents the milk from burning. Add milk into the vessel and keep boiling on flame. Keep stirring continuously without interval.

4. Repeat this procedure for next 30 minutes. Now add sugar and soaked rice keep stirring for more 20 minutes without interval.

5. When it's half done, add saffron milk and chopped almond, pistachio and chironji. Keep boiling for next 5/6 minutes. Now your milk kheer is ready so remove from flame.

6. Now add cardamom and nutmeg powder and mix well. Keep stirring it till it becomes cool at room temperature. Now you can keep it in the fridge before serving or can serve as your choice.

Bon Appetit!

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