Roscato Gummy Bears

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2 cups Roscato, divided

5 1/2 packets gelatin, unflavored

1 cup sugar

1 drop red food coloring


1. Reduce Roscato by half. Pour 1 cup of Roscato into a small sauce pain. Heat o medium high heat for about five minutes. Remove from heat.

2. Bloom your gelatin. Pour remaining Roscato into a bowl and stir in the gelatin. Let it rest for five minutes until the gelatin thickens.

3. Combine the reduced liquid, gelatin mixture and sugar in the saucepan. Heat on medium high heat, stirring constantly, until gelatin dissolves. This takes about 5-8 minutes.

4. Add food coloring and stir.

5. Use a drop and fill each cavity of the mold or pour mixture on to a sheet pan.

6. Refrigerate for 90 minutes or until set.

7. Pop gummies out of the mold or cut candies into small bitesize squares.

Bon Appetit!

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