Hamburger Soup

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900 ml beef broth (2 container)

1 large zucchini chopped

2 roma tomatoes chopped

1 cup of cabbage chopped

1 1/2 lb extra lean hamburger meat

1/3 cup onion chopped


seasoning salt




1. In a large pot brown hamburger meat, then drain the fat. Add onion, zucchini, tomatoes and all spices add 1/4 of the beef broth. Simmer for 5 minutes. Add remaining broth and bring it to a boil for about 15 minutes, until zucchinis are tender.

2. In small bowl add 1 Tsp of starch and water, mix until smooth then add it to your pot. Stir it in and it will thicken your soup. (Thicken it to your liking). Makes 8 servings. Calculated carbs: 3.8 carbs / serving

Bon Appetit!

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