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We offer to you a lot of meat recipes: baked meat recipesfried meat recipes, boiled meat recipes, brased meat recipes and other.

All meat recipes are presented with simple and detailed instructions and photo.

You can choose your liked recipes and keep in your favorites. 
You also can make a shopping list. Add the desired product directly from the recipe to the shopping list. 
The application does not require the Internet and your favorite recipes will always be with you, even when you have no network on your device!

All meat recipes are divided into the categories for easy use.

All recipes are presented with photos for quickly selection. You can find a recipe for your mood!
The application has simple search. You can search recipes by the name or ingredients. Easy recipes using ingredients you already have in the kitchen. The majority of recipes we offer can be both prepared and cooked in 30 minutes or less, from start to finish.

We offer to you a lot recipes of: 

• Delicious recipes of baking meat dishes: grilled meat recipes, recipes of stuffed cabbage, meat casseroles recipes, chop recipes, meatball meat recipes, recipes of meat pilaf, stew recipes, etc.;

• A lot of meatloaf recipes: beef roll recipes, recipes of beef rolls with vegetables, meatloaf recipes with porchetta, pork roll recipes with garlic and cheese, etc.;

• Simple meat recipes with any sauce: meat recipes with cheese sauce, recipes of pork in tomato sauces, meat recipes with mushrooms in tomato sauce, grilled meat recipes with sause, ect.;

• Tasty recipes of meat soups: soup recipes with pork, mushroom soup recipes with meatballs, soup recipes with pomegranate, etc.;
• A lot of roast beef and pork recipes;
• Recipes of home cutlets;
• Recipes of barbecue;
• Recipes of roast beef;
• Quickly recipes with meat and more!

Cook with pleasure!

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